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vertically sump pump

vertically suspended sump pump

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vertically suspended sump pump

Vertical sump pump for wide range of liquids

The vertically suspended sump pump range has been designed for pumping all kinds of clean and contaminated liquids.
cantilever sump pump
Main benefits
  • Simple and robust design with ease of maintenance

  • High reliability

  • Minimum life cycle costs

  • Designed for all types of hydraulics

Main applications

The vertically suspended sump pump is suitable for all industrial applications to pump:

  • clear and contaminated sump

  • corrosive, encrusting liquid and slurry

Main design features

  • Simple and robust design

  • All types of hydraulics available: open, semi-open, closed or vortex impellers

  • Modular lineshaft construction with submerged bush bearings (up to 6 m / 20 ft. long)

  • No sealing required for clear liquid

  • External flushing for contaminated liquids



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Manufacturer of vertical turbine pump
Manufacturer of vertical turbine pump

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